Early in the morning on April 25th, the Woodside Community Fridge (WCF) located at 50-27 31st Avenue was removed from its enclosure and its contents were scattered on the sidewalk. As abolitionists, we support non-carceral responses to harm outside of involving the police or seeking punishment for the vandalism itself. We do not know the motivations behind these actions, but we do know the police cannot repair the harm done, nor can they prevent such harm. We ask that all community members continue to practice respect and care when events such as these happen and refrain from assuming the motivations of our neighbors. Only when the community comes together in solidarity can we build a neighborhood where everyone’s needs are met, everyone is safe, and everyone is heard. We are working with our generous and supportive business host, 31st Ave Deli Corp, to create a permanent solution that maintains WCF's commitment to accessibility, dignity, and care. We are also particularly grateful to those who helped clean up the area and identified leads for a replacement fridge, which is now underway.

Donations of shelf-stable items are still welcome as our pantry shelving remains intact, and we will be posting updates on our Instagram (@woodsidefridge) as we work to restore the fridge. We welcome anyone interested in getting involved to let us know at swma.nyc/wcf/join. If you would like to make a financial contribution, you can do so via Open Collective at swma.nyc/wcf/donate.

The Woodside Community Fridge is by the community, for the community. Anyone and everyone is welcome to put food in and take food out. We are not a non-profit or charitable organization, but we operate with a horizontal structure where no one is in charge of anyone. This statement was co-written by organizers of the fridge and approved by the collective. We encourage people to amplify our message and ask that they direct supporters to our statement.

Woodside Community Fridge

April 26, 2021

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